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Quick update (Dubai residency day 2)

My laptop monitor has horked.

On the way over to Dubai, while hanging out at Logan, the monitor went from normal to slightly magenta and missing every fourth column of pixels. This did not make me happy.

Finally today I had the opportunity to connect the laptop to an overhead projector, which showed it has a fully-functioning video chip. This means that the problem is either in the LCD monitor itself or its connection to the motherboard, neither of which I can fix. So, the Duke IT folks have gone after a loaner external monitor from the hotel, but I may have to duck out this afternoon to get one at the local mall. Not that I'd rather spend $50 on food or souvenirs, of course. And not that I didn't want to get a new laptop in general. (Repairing this kind of problem can cost almost as much as a new laptop, believe it or not.)

Worse things have happened. The laptop still has all its other parts, for example. And I remembered to pack ties this time.

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