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Some light travel reading

With 15 days and 9 hours to go until the CCMBA Dubai residency, the box of pre-reading materials just thumped onto my desk. The first term box weighed four tons and had to come up my apartment stairs by forklift and winch. This one only weighs 4 kg:

It doesn't look so bad open, either. Nor does it look like I'll have too much to carry this time:

Seriously, after the first-term box, I've dreaded receiving this one. So what do we have? Three textbooks (two paperback), two very thin course packets, three pages of notes from the program office, a CD, and my Duke ID card.

And "Managerial Economics" turns out to be microeconomics, which I just took last spring. Granted, in the spring I had four months and in Dubai I'll have four days, but still, now that I know what the textbook looks like, I'm not worried.

Listen closely for the sound of my stress draining away. Except, of course, for the part that still hasn't seen my accounting grade yet...

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