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ParkerCam experiments

As Parker gets older and less likely to shred things, I'm leaving him alone for a few hours at a time without stuffing him in his crate. Of course, when he's crated, it's easy to put a camera on him. Not so much when he has run of the house.

So, I've tried pointing the camera at places I thought he'd be likely to hang out. His crate, for example:

Yes, that's an empty crate. OK, he doesn't hang out there when I'm gone. Got it.

His bed in the living room, maybe? Well, he did stop by long enough to grab a peanut-butter-stuffed Kong:

After picking up the Kong, though, he went somewhere else, so the ParkerCam showed an empty bed for a couple of hours:

I have a couple other thoughts on where he goes when I'm out, so I'll keep trying to find him. That said, there may be a Heisenberg problem: he may not want to sleep near a whirring laptop. So the ParkerCam may have to suffer for Parker's general comfort.

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