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Disruption at Headquarters

The Inner Drive Technology World Headquarters has temporarily moved about four meters:

Actually, some of the office simply moved into the International Data Center:

(The IDTIDC is behind the dressing screen in the corner of the room.)

All of this comes about because of the 95-year-old windows that the guys can finally replace today. I say "finally" because I ordered them in October. It took six months because (a) they new ones had to be custom-made to match the rest of the 95-year-old building; (b) that took three months; and (c) one typically does not want to replace windows in Chicago during the coldest February in 25 years.

Today it's 9°C, it isn't (yet) raining, and it's about time.

Obligatory photos of ripped-out windows to follow.

Update: Gah!

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