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Slo-mo debate blogging

OK, I'm a little behind here, being overcome by Hofstra Pride, being from the class of...uh...a while ago. (I've actually been poking other HU alumni on Facebook.)

20:10 CT: McCain sounds a little like Rain Man tonight. Seriously, is he repeating himself? Repeating? Himself? A lot?

20:17: McCain remembers the Depression-era program first-hand, no doubt.

20:19: Enough about the damn planetarium!

20:23: "If I've mistaken your polices for George Bush's because you're proposing eight more years of the same thing."

20:26: "Look each other in the face..." Yeah, that was coming.

20:33: John, some, not too many, but some, of the people at your rallies are scary. Deal with it. That's what Obama is saying.

20:39: This isn't about McCain winning the election. It's about him setting up the loss. McCain's goal seems to be trying to take a future President Obama's legs out from under him, so the 2012 campaign can be about how the 2008 election "got stoled from us."

20:42: Palin is a role model to women? Like, "Be careful or you'll end up like her?"

20:48: I hate to say, we're going to import oil for more than 10 years, and we won't have any control over its origin.

20:52: Obama "has never traveled south of our border?" Isn't Indonesia pretty far south? Or did he mean our border with Antarctica?

21:16: Did McCain just make air-quotes?

21:27: McCain looks hurt and angry.

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