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First CD

Minor, little anniversary: twenty years ago today, I bought my first CD, a copy of Mozart's Mass in C-Major K317 performed by the Bavarian Radio Chorus under Eugen Jochum.

Kind of a silly thing to remember, I guess.

For those keeping score at home, here were the subsequent nine:

  1. Mozart, Requiem K626: Academy of Ancient Music, Hogwood
  2. Mozart, Mass in c-minor K427: Berlin Philharmonic, Karajan
  3. Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique: Chicago Symphony, Solti
  4. Fauré, Requiem: Atlanta Symphony, Shaw
  5. Händel, Messiah: Chicago Symphony, Solti
  6. The Beatles: Beatles for Sale
  7. The Beatles: Abbey Road
  8. Les Miserables, London cast
  9. Mozart, Symphonies #40 and #41: Vienna Philharmonic, Karajan

So, yes, 20 years ago I was a classical nerd. I still am, but I've expanded my tastes. A little. The last ten CDs I've bought were:

  1. Joan Osborne, Pretty Little Stranger
  2. Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova, Once
  3. Glen Hansard, The Swell Season
  4. The Frames, The Cost
  5. Kate Rusby, Underneath the Stars
  6. Gemma Hayes, Night On My Side
  7. Badly Drawn Boy, The Hour of Bewilderbeast
  8. Joan Osborne, Breakfast in Bed
  9. Robert Plant/Alison Krause, Raising Sand
  10. The Corrs, Talk On Corners

OK, so my tastes are still a little unusual, and I tend to scoop up entire ouvres when I find someone I like.

Also, just when you thought I couldn't possibly provide more useless information about myself, I plan to put my CD catalog online at some point, as part of a larger project that would actually be a commercial R&D effort. The CD catalog will be an example, not the app itself. So, stay tuned.

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