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The sad dog whines in the crate

All right, today I feel really bad for Parker. It's a beautiful day in Chicago, so I left the window open just above his crate. Instead of spending the day sleeping, the poor guy been staring out the window all day. I wish I could take him for a very long walk today but, alas, my client requires my presence 40 km away.

Notice the second image is three hours later:

The good part of this is, he'll probably sleep like a, well, like a dog tonight.

Update, 1:20pm: I believe the caption is, "I want my @%^!! WALK already!":

Update, 1:25pm: Oh, shit.

Final update, 2:25pm: Finally! But Parker feels bad, I feel bad, the dog walker feels bad, and there's a turd on my bedroom floor:

And I'm out here in West Bumble because...well, I'll be thinking about that on the hour-long drive home today.

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