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Since you missed the first batch...

My dad has more tea tins for sale. A second lot. This time, 91 tins, weighing more than 10 kilos (22 pounds), which is amazing since they contain nothing but air at this point. And I can claim photo credit—along with counting credit. Ninety-one tea tins, how can you resist?

Yes, in a short time, ten years of tea tins my father has carted with him up and down the Pacific coast will depart the family forever. Heirlooms lost. It's almost sad.

Not that it's going to drive a lot of bids, but I need to point out that at least one of the tins in this batch, I brought back for him from London. Bought it on Regent Street, I did.

In February 2001.

So, OK, maybe it's time.

Wait until he sees what Anne and I sent him last week...

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