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Brrrr rabbits!

Trivia: The last time it was this cold[1] on my commute to work was February 18th.

When cold fronts move across Chicago in November, we get slammed. Saturday's daily maximum at Chicago O'Hare was 18.3°C (66°F), and the daily minimum Monday morning was -2.2°C (28°F). In Chicago, this constitutes a gradual decline.

Yesterday, the heat gave up and went to Miami, leaving us, this morning, shivering our timbers at -13.3°C (8°F), which even I call cold.

At least the sun is out.

Keep your eye on Chicago weather and the the view out Inner Drive's office window to understand my pain.

[1] -9.4°C (15°F); in February it was -11.6°C (11°F).

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