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List: Comparison of Cubs and Sox fans

A Cubs fan is more likely to drive a BMW.
A Sox fan is more likely to break into that BMW and have it in a "chop shop" in less than 15 minutes.

A Sox fan will pick a fight with a Cubs fan and usually win.
A Cubs fan will pick a fight with a Sox fan once he sees he has five of his closest frat buddies with him and the odds are in his favor. He still may lose.

A Cubs fan will watch HBO's "Oz" and talk about its "gritty theme" the next day at the water cooler.
A Sox fan has probably served time in "Oz" and sees it as a love story.

A Cubs fan will bring a girl named Muffy to the game, spend his wallet on the date and have to listen to her talk about accessorizing her clothes and jewelry all evening long.
A Sox fan will bring a girl nicknamed "Pinky" to the game, have his wallet lifted by her and listen to her brag about how quickly she can change a flat tire.

A female Cubs fan is more likely to brag about how she allegedly "hooked up" with former Cubs first baseman Mark Grace one night.
A female Sox fan is likely to brag about how she also allegedly "hooked up" with Grace one night. Hey, "Gracie" was a busy man.

A Cubs fan will shop at Kenneth Cole.
A Sox fan will shoplift at Kenneth Cole.

A Sox fan can describe the entire game from first pitch to finish.
A Cubs fan can tell you how he played hooky from work, went to High Tops for a few "beverages" before the game and then woke up late that night naked on his couch, having gotten sick in a box of Crunch Berries. Tickets still in his pocket, of course.

A Cubs fan wears boxers.
A Sox fan wears...well, whatever he finds on the floor that morning.

A female Cubs fan wears undergarments from Victoria's Secret.
A female Sox fan wears a bulletproof vest.

A Sox fan listens to DMX.
A Cubs fan thinks DMX is a new type of SUV and that he "just can't wait to get on the list to buy one."

A Cubs fan can sit back and listen to Ronnie "Woo-Woo" do his annoying act over and over again.
A Sox fan has to hide his hot dog so that the "Get-up Guy" doesn't gobble it down in one bite.

A Sox fan will stay away from the ballpark until he sees that the organization is serious about winning.
A Cubs fan has no idea what his team's record is. Just "Pass the brew, beer man!"

A Cubs fan watches TV shows "Ally McBeal" and the "West Wing."
A Sox fan watches "WWF Raw is War," and then "America's Most Wanted" to check up on how his "busy" relatives are doing.

A Cubs fan can usually be found pulling his Palm Pilot out at some point in the game to take down an important number
A Sox fan just grabs a pen and writes the number down on his palm.

A Sox fan has been waiting patiently for a World Series Championship for almost a century.
A Cubs fan...well, maybe they do have one thing in common. Just one.

Submitted by reader S.P.

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