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Perfect office dog

Parker, ecstatic not to spend the morning in a crate, has transformed himself into a model office pooch today:

Of course, the chewie probably helps:

Today's Daily Parker

Parker has discovered birds:

Also, a definition. I've arbitrarily defined "Daily" to mean "once per weekday," and also (because I'm a total geography nerd) defining "day" as starting at midnight Universal Coordinated Time (which is 7pm Central Daylight Time). Today, being Saturday, is a bonus TDP, you lucky dog.

Parker is going to the office later today, too, so there may be yet another bonus TDP if you check back later.

Today's Daily Parker

Today Parker is (probably) 18 weeks old, and he's growing fast. We've noticed his ear cartilege firming up a bit, so right now he often has a one-up-one-down look that Anne finds particularly precious:

Here's a comparison shot from six weeks ago:

Also, he slept more than 7½ hours last night, a new record. Sadly, though, he spent 5½ hours in his crate yesterday, also a new record, the poor dear. But when we discovered an exposed wire on a power cord that (fortunately) wasn't plugged in, we realized his free reign of the bedroom had to come to an end. We mitigated his confinement with a peanut butter-infused Kong, which distracted him long enough for us to make good our escape before the crying started.

Today's Daily Parker

It rained a lot yesterday, but Parker doesn't care. In fact, he's not too fond of the toweling-off process that follows a good splash through the dog park. Maybe he'd prefer a blow dry? (Um, no.)

Today's Daily Parker

Last one from Meramec:

(By the way, most of the photos on the site are displayed at one-quarter size; you can open them in a new browser window, or save them to disk, to see them at larger sizes.)

Today's Daily Parker

Parker had tons of fun at Meramec over the weekend. If we could get him to run around for hours at a time during the week at home, I think we'd sleep better.

Meramec is also fun for people:

Also, we failed to remember that at this point he only gives us seven hours from bedtime before dancing on our heads in the morning. Last night we had him out around 9:30, so at 4:45, there he was, yawning loudly in my face. I made a half-hearted attempt to rouse him at 10:15; tonight, faced with the same behavior, I'll just carry him to the yard. I miss sleep.

Today's Daily Parker

The whole family went to Meramec State Park, near Sullivan, Mo., over the weekend. It was Parker's first long car trip with us. Never before in my life have I cared as much about what goes into and out of another living creature; the car trip only intensified this feeling.

Observe Parker as he was for perhaps 98% of the trip:

Now observe him as he appeared twice on the way up and twice on the way down:

That's not guilt, believe it or not. That's a seriously unhappy puppy preparing to demonstrate the folly of (a) feeding him before a car trip and (b) giving him a Bonine tablet on top of it.

He then went on to surprise us not once but five times during the trip. The moral of that story is, of course, don't give him any privacy indoors.

We all had a lot of fun, though, especially Parker. More on that tomorrow.

Today's Daily Parker

Here is the artist and his work, in which he shows he's moved on from textiles to sculpture:

That's a $600 armoire. He is so crated from now on.

No TDP tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll make up for it on Monday.

Today's Daily Parker

Ah, Parker, having fun at the dog park, yelling at the camera. I'm posting this photo so you can imagine the toothy grin, energetic bouncing, and ecstatic barking, but in the dark at 5:45 am. At least he's now slept through the night twice in a row.