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Going to be a squishy walk home

Hurricane (now "post-tropical depression") Beryl smashed through Texas and Louisiana yesterday, and is now passing south of Chicago:

The forecast models don't agree on how far north the storm's outer edge will go, but they do seem to say that it will start raining later this afternoon and continue through tomorrow morning. They agree that parts of the south suburbs and Northern Indiana will get flooding downpours.

I did remember my umbrella today. But I still expect to have a very wet dog when I get home.

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  • Yak

    7/9/2024 11:58:21 PM +00:00 |

    My wife is -- as I write this -- flying out of the reach of that storm en route to California to visit a friend. She did text earlier that there was a lot of turbulence. If we'd known that Inhofe had died, she would've given him the NY salute as the plane flew over OK.

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