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The good and the bad of east light in the morning

My home office has an unobstructed eastern view, and it sits in a loft above my bedroom. That means my bedroom gets indirect eastern light. The blinds in my office don't block all that light, however, so for three months of the year my bedroom gets awfully bright before 6am. Today, for whatever reason, I didn't sleep through it.

Fortunately the sun rises before 6am only from late April to mid August, so I will get to sleep later eventually. And I do like that the sun sets after 7:30pm from early April to the end of August, so summer has its advantages.

Also, since I got to the office at 7:30 this morning, I won't feel too bad about leaving before 5pm and finding a patio to sit on with Cassie. We don't get this kind of weather all the time.

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