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New phone, who dis?

After 2½ years and one unfortunate crunching sound last week, I've finally gotten a new phone. I decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy S21. So far, I like it, though with any new hardware you also get new software. Some of the basic apps work differently.

Switching phones got really easy in the past couple of years, though. The only dicey part came when I had to transfer all my multifactor codes over. And I have to keep my old phone handy for a while in case I missed one.

Now my eyes hurt from squinting at all the screens for two hours, though.

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  • David Harper

    10/7/2021 7:59:08 AM +00:00 |

    Good to hear that it was easy for you to transfer your stuff from your old phone to the new one.  My wife wasn't so lucky when she moved to a new phone last month.  She had a mid-range Sony Xperia model which had been acting very flaky, and decided to move to a new top-pf-the-range Xperia.  Alas, Sony's "migrate your stuff" tool only works between their high-end models, and the designers of some third-party apps really haven't figured out how to do phone-to-phone migrations, so it was a more annoying experience than it ought to have been.

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