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  • David Harper

    3/29/2019 6:48:39 AM +00:00 |

    Oh dear. My morning was going so well, and then I read that European transport ministers will have the final say on the daylight saving time decision.  Britain's transport minister is Chris Grayling, one of the most incompetent politicians in a cabinet where competition for that title is quite fierce.  He's been nicknamed Failing Grayling for his role in overseeing the disastrous rail time table changes last summer, and for awarding a Brexit contract to a ferry company that had no actual ships.  In his previous role as justice minister, he was responsible for equally disastrous changes to the probation service.  The idea that this man gets to decide anything important is deeply worrying.  We must hope that there is a change of government before the daylight saving time decision has to be made.

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