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Setting up lunchtime reading

Over the weekend I made a couple of minor updates to Weather Now, and today I'm going to spend some time taking it off its Azure Web Role and moving it to an Azure Website. That will (a) save me money and (b) make deployments a lot easier.

Meanwhile, a number of articles bubbled up overnight that I'll try to read at lunchtime:

Back to Azure deployment strategies.

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  • David Harper

    2/6/2018 7:05:15 AM +00:00 |

    United's behaviour doesn't surprise me.  Back in the early 2000s, my wife and I used to fly United from London to Spokane, Washington via Chicago quite regularly.  We paid extra for premium economy seats on the trans-Atlantic flights and appreciated the extra legroom and more comfortable seats.  In 2006, we booked our Christmas flights in March, as usual.  Then in September we got an email from United telling us that we had been re-assigned to regular economy.  There was no offer of a refund of the extra money that we had paid for premium economy, just a curt email telling us our new seat allocations in regular economy.  That was the last year we flew United.  We have flown British Airways since then.

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