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Still the future

For some reason—and rest assured I will ask, because I'm really curious—we're flying at an unusually low altitude right now (7800 m—officially FL240), and dodging clouds. I'll post the FlightAware track at some point so you can see the waltz we've just danced over central Colorado.

I know future generations will look back on my glee about posting a blog entry from an airplane whose geo-tag is derived from looking at my mobile phone's GPS feature, but allow me this moment. Look where we are. Look where we're going. It's stuff like this that gives me optimism about our species.

I'm not optimistic about tonight's game at Chase Field, though. Neither the third-place Diamondbacks nor the last-place Brewers has done much to excite fans this season. (Though as a Cubs fan, I'm happy to see the Brewers lose.) I have a plan B, if the game doesn't go well.

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