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Thanks, Obama!

For a wildly successful heath care regime:

What’s amazing about this is that the good news about Obamacare isn’t really debatable. It’s a simple fact that there has been a stunningly rapid drop in the number of uninsured, coming from multiple independent sources. It’s also a simple fact that outlays on Medicaid and exchange subsidies are coming in well below projections.

You can argue that this is all temporary — that premiums will eventually skyrocket even though they haven’t yet, that the predicted death spiral will come back from the er, dead. But Obamacare is, by any measure, doing better so far than even its supporters expected.

Of course, in the data-free zone of the Republican Party, this simple truth isn't even understood, let alone understood to be true. It would be great to have a real opposition party in this country; someday, maybe, we can.

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