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Emanuel wins; so does my alderman, maybe

It looks like I went .500 yesterday in voting for mayor and alderman.

Rahm Emanuel won his runoff against Chuy Garcia:

With near-complete totals in, Emanuel had just under 56 percent of the vote, narrowly topping the 55.28 percent he received four years ago in first winning the office. He had 315,545 votes to 250,773 for Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, who got enough in February to force Emanuel to a runoff. Emanuel's 55.72 percent of the vote may rise slightly in coming days as thousands of mail ballots arrive and are counted.

My alderman, Michele Smith, also appears to have won her runoff, but it's very close and not all the ballots are in yet:

With about 96 percent of the precincts reporting,Smithwas leading with 50.4 percent compared to Caroline Vickrey with 49.6 percent.

That left two remaining precincts whose votes were not in as of late Tuesday as well as absentee ballots that will be counted in the coming weeks.

No surprises, then, though I suspect Smith might feel a little jittery. Ward races rarely go to runoffs, let alone to runoffs decided by 100 votes. I'll keep my eye on this.

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