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Chicago runoff election

Today is the runoff election in Chicago between Rahm Emanuel and Chuy Garcia:

"This is a big election, with clear choices," Emanuel told reporters at a Lakeview campaign office, with a backdrop of volunteers calling potential voters. "There's a lot at stake for the city of Chicago."

Defending his Democratic credentials, Emanuel pointed to backing from some elements of organized labor, his support for raising the minimum wage and having real estate developers set aside money for affordable housing.

"That is what people are voting for, they're voting for the basic things that they want for their families, their neighborhoods and their communities," said Emanuel, who added, "Yes, my name's on the ballot. That's also true, 'Chuy's' name is on the ballot. But what's on the ballot is Chicago's future. That's what's on the ballot."

I was in and out of my polling place in six minutes. It took five minutes and 30 seconds to check in, get my ballot, and go to a booth; 3 seconds to make two marks on the ballot (one for mayor, one for alderman); and the remaining 27 seconds to slide my ballot into the ballot box. Remarkably, I didn't have an undervote this time: I actually voted for 100% of the offices on the ballot. (Sometimes, though it pains me to say it, I skip the dozens of judicial retention votes.)

I'll have an update tomorrow. I don't think the election will surprise anyone, though.

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