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Good day to work from home

My company's holiday party happens tonight, preceded by a stop at a client's party, so it makes a lot of logistical sense just to hang out at IDTWHQ and bang away on work. But there's another practical reason:

With the opening 11 days of December 2013 running 9.2°C below a year ago, the Chicago area moves into an 8th consecutive day in this early Deep Freeze.

The past 7 days have averaged -8.7°C, a jarring 7.8°C below normal—-cold enough to have ranked 8th coldest on record here and the coldest such period in 8 years!

Chicagoans shiver through the season’s second sub-zero night

Temperatures Wednesday dropped below zero [Fahrenheit; -17.8°C] at the official O’Hare thermometer for only the second time this season.

At the moment it's warmed up a little, to -16°C. And I don't have to go outside.

At least the forecast looks better. Temperatures should return to a more-normal 1°C (above freezing) by Tuesday.

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