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They're supposed to stay in the belfry

My first order of business upon returning from watching the marathon was to get this guy out of my apartment:

That appears to be a silver-haired bat, one of the most common species, but one usually found in more forested areas. He got into my apartment because, after taking the screens out last week for the window washers, I didn't feel a crushing need to put them back in. (I do now.)

I didn't hurt the little dude. I opened the bottom half of the window and then encouraged the bat to go through it with a few blasts of compressed air:

(It's hard to see in the video, but I stopped closing the window well above the bat.)

How Parker missed him is beyond me. The bat was sleeping right at nose level by a window Parker frequently looks through. Even when Parker came over to investigate what I was doing with the compressed air, he didn't smell or see the bat. Good; last thing I wanted was to test Parker's rabies vaccination.

At this writing (about an hour later) the bat has gone elsewhere, and my windows are closed or screened.

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