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Delhi residency, day 3

Only day 3? Yikes.

Of note today were the 6 hours of classes, the guest speaker, and the six power failures that seemed only to affect the lights and not any of the other electrical gear. In the next five hours or so I have about four hours of class prep to do, plus reviewing the team project due tomorrow. Somewhere in there I hope to eat and breathe. There may be a beer or two as well.

More photos from Saturday's trip to the Red Fort. First, Chandni Chowk:

After a short distance past that, we disappeared into the back-streets of Old Delhi, down Dariba Kalan Road. The street food looked tempting:

I might have tried some had we stopped before reaching the mosque at the end of the street. We might go back into Old Delhi on Friday when we do the Culture Dash project. I'm looking forward to it.

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