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I wasn't nervous until...

...Citibank just emailed me a notice that all of my deposits are protected by the FDIC. I wonder why they're telling me now?

More: Via Paul Krugman, an informed rundown of what this means:

Apparently Citibank and the U.S. government (i.e., we taxpayers) have reached a deal whereby we will backstop something like $300-billion in screwed assets on Citi's balance sheet. ... Here is the gist:

  • Citi will carve out $300-billion in troubled assets, which will remain on its balance sheet
    • The first $37-$40-billion in losses on those assets will go to Citi
    • The next $5-billion in losses will hit Treasury
    • The next $10-billion in losses will go to the FDIC
    • Any more losses will go to the Fed
    • There will be no management changes at Citi, because, you know, they are all fine and upstanding people who have done nothing wrong
    • There will be some compensation limitations, but those have not yet been made clear

    To be clear, this is not a "bad bank" model. Assets are not, apparently, being taken off the Citi balance sheet and put into another entity walled off from the Citi biological host. Instead, they are being left on the Citi balance sheet, but tagged and bagged for eventual disposal via taxpayers. the world...and we're stuck with the Administration that opened our veins for another 57 days.

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