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Joke: Adult Vocabulary

On the first day of school after vacation, Miss Clarke addressed her second grade class with special instructions:

"Now children, please tell the class about your vacation, and try to use adult words, as we must practice our vocabulary."

Little Bobby Thompson raised his hand.

"Yes, Bobby?"

"On my vacation, I saw a-choo choo," Bobby said.

"A train, Bobby, you saw a train. Please try to use the proper, adult word."

"Ok, I saw a train."

"Good. OK, now Sharon, what did you do on your vacation?"

"I got to pet a moo-moo," Sharon excitedly blurted.

"Sharon, please use the correct word. You went to a farm, and what did you do?"

"Um, I got to pet the cow."

"Good job. Now, Katie. What did you do on vacation?"

Katie sat thinking at her desk for a moment.

"Well, I read a book. It was called Winnie...the Shit."

Submitted by reader J.T.

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