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Wednesday 30 January 2008

Yes, this is my 1,000th post since this blog started in November 2005.

I had hoped to write a long, introspective essay on blogging in general and this blog in specific over the years, but it turns out I have work to do today, so that will have to wait until the 2,000th post or so. (Many of you are fighting back tears, I know; though I suspect they're tears of joy.)

No, today I'm just going to mention the two most immediately relevant things that confronted me on my way to work today.

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Tuesday 29 January 2008

(All times EST)

9:01pm: I'm having a strange duality of experience. It's hard enough listening to Dubya; I simply can't subject myself to Tim Russert on top of it. So I'm watching the NBC feed while listening to NPR and hoping there isn't a delay.

Monday 28 January 2008 20:03:49 CST (UTC-06:00)  |  | US#

The humble Lego brick turned 50 on the 28th. That explains today's Google logo.

Monday 28 January 2008 19:00:01 CST (UTC-06:00)  |  | Kitchen Sink#
Sunday 27 January 2008

For the first time in 11 days, the temperature in Chicago got above freezing this afternoon. It's odd how warm it feels out there right now.

Speaking of chilling, I saw No Country for Old Men last night. Great film. Very chilling.

Sunday 27 January 2008 15:53:22 CST (UTC-06:00)  |  | Chicago | Kitchen Sink | Weather#
Saturday 26 January 2008

For the fifth time in a row, I've had to cancel a flight today because of weather. Very frustrating. Next attempt in two weeks.

Saturday 26 January 2008 09:29:08 CST (UTC-06:00)  |  | Aviation | Weather#
Friday 25 January 2008

Paul Krugman channels the Tax Policy Center, who found that 58% of the stimulus package announced yesterday will go to the top 40% earners.

Friday 25 January 2008 15:25:02 CST (UTC-06:00)  |  | US#

Via my dad, via the San Francisco Chronicle's excellent Mark Moford: Whiskipedia.

And 28 other things to be happy about:

Women and minorities appear to be galvanized by Hillary Clinton's presidential run. Youth and college-educated voters appear to be galvanized by Barack Obama's. No one at all is truly, deeply galvanized by Mitt Romney or John McCain or crazy little Mike Huckabee, and everyone is generally repulsed by the fetid little tyrant that is Rudy Giuliani. All of this, remarkably, seems just about exactly as it should be.
Friday 25 January 2008 14:52:11 CST (UTC-06:00)  |  | Kitchen Sink | US#
Wednesday 23 January 2008

From the Onion, via Marc Andreesen:

CHARLESTON, SC—After spending two months accompanying his wife, Hillary, on the campaign trail, former president Bill Clinton announced Monday that he is joining the 2008 presidential race, saying he "could no longer resist the urge."


Clinton also noted that, if elected, the timing would be perfect for his family, as his wife has recently expressed a desire to move back to the D.C. area.

Wednesday 23 January 2008 13:51:45 CST (UTC-06:00)  |  | Jokes | Politics#
Tuesday 22 January 2008

Fred Thompson has withdrawn from the presidential race.

What's funny is he polled better than either Giuliani or Paul, suggesting that what little sense Thompson had still far outstripped the other two.

Tuesday 22 January 2008 14:50:50 CST (UTC-06:00)  |  | US#

The Oscar nominations are out. I can't wait for the press conference to announce the winners on February 24th.

Tuesday 22 January 2008 11:01:54 CST (UTC-06:00)  |  | Kitchen Sink#
Sunday 20 January 2008

I've just spent a few minutes putting together a little countdown clock for my blog. (Credit goes to Kris van der Mast for the code sample.)

What does it do? Well, it's driving the Dubya Clock and Other Countdown tools on the nav bar to the right.

Sunday 20 January 2008 13:03:18 CST (UTC-06:00)  |  | Blogs | Cool links#

You know what that means? Only one year—just 366 days—until the worst president we've ever had leaves office.

I'll be raising a glass to that later today. You should too.

Sunday 20 January 2008 11:00:16 CST (UTC-06:00)  |  | US#
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