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Monday 29 October 2007

From this past weekend, in Lincoln Park, Chicago:

Monday 29 October 2007 09:17:20 CDT (UTC-05:00)  |  | Geography | Daily#

The Chicago Tribune ran an editorial Sunday calling for a recall amendment to the Illinois constitution. My response:

Regardless of what you think of Blagojevich's performance, Illinois needs a recall amendment like a fish needs a bicycle.

Monday 29 October 2007 09:12:29 CDT (UTC-05:00)  |  | Chicago | US#

No, not those Sox; the other Sox.

One curse down; one to go.

Monday 29 October 2007 07:03:10 CDT (UTC-05:00)  |  | Cubs | Kitchen Sink#
Thursday 25 October 2007

The splash of sunlight on Parker's face makes me think he's probably a pretty happy dog, despite the crate:

Thursday 25 October 2007 13:51:38 CDT (UTC-05:00)  |  | Daily#
Monday 22 October 2007

Congress has passed legislation creating a national registry of people with ALS:

The legislation would establish the first ever national patient registry of people with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, to be administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The registry would collect information leading to the cause, treatment and cure of the deadly neurological disease that took the life of baseball legend Lou Gehrig in 1941.

In tangentially-related news, Saturday's remembrance will be at 11 at the Kenilworth Union Church.

Monday 22 October 2007 13:22:49 CDT (UTC-05:00)  |  | Kitchen Sink#
Wednesday 17 October 2007

My body doesn't know if I got up this morning at 7 or midnight. I can't decide whether or not I'm hungry. And because I neglected to check email for two days, I had 980 messages totalling over 600 MB (one of my friends sent me the same...photos...four...times), of which 650 were spam.

I will now collect my dog.

Wednesday 17 October 2007 15:37:39 CDT (UTC-05:00)  |  | Geography | Kitchen Sink | Parker#
Saturday 13 October 2007

I'm traveling this week. Three guesses where:

Saturday 13 October 2007 12:38:20 CDT (UTC-05:00)  |  | Geography#
Monday 8 October 2007

He nails it:

People claim to be shocked by the Bush administration's general incompetence. But disinterest in good government has long been a principle of modern conservatism. In "The Conscience of a Conservative," published in 1960, Barry Goldwater wrote that "I have little interest in streamlining government or making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size."

People claim to be shocked at the Bush administration's efforts to disenfranchise minority groups, under the pretense of combating voting fraud. But Reagan opposed the Voting Rights Act, and as late as 1980 he described it as "humiliating to the South."

Above all, people claim to be shocked by the Bush administration's authoritarianism, its disdain for the rule of law. But a full half-century has passed since The National Review proclaimed that "the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail," and dismissed as irrelevant objections that might be raised after "consulting a catalogue of the rights of American citizens, born Equal"—presumably a reference to the document known as the Constitution of the United States.

Remember: unless you're rich, white, male, and a bigot, the Greedy Old Party is against you. (If you're middle-class, white, male, and a bigot, they're also using you like cheap toilet paper.)

Monday 8 October 2007 08:29:25 CDT (UTC-05:00)  |  | US#
Sunday 7 October 2007

With record temperatures in Chicago today (now at 29°C), organizers have halted the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon:

Reports of inadequate supplies of water were frequent along the route, and many of the 36,000 runners competing stopped early.

The men's race appeared more like a track finish than the usually tactical marathon finish, with Kenyan Patrick Ivuti winning the closest race in the 30 years of the Chicago Marathon. In a photo-finish, Ivuti edged out Moroccan Jaouad Gharib by 5/100th of a second.

Both were clocked at 2 hours 11 minutes 11 seconds and appeared to break the tape at the same time. Ivuti is the fifth consecutive Kenyan to win the Chicago Marathon.

Ethiopian Berhane Adere recorded one of the greatest race comebacks, repeating as champion in 2:33:49. Adere fell behind by about 25 seconds late in the race, but managed to sprint to the finish and overtake unsuspecting Romanian Adriana Pirtea.

The Cubs, meanwhile, spent the day cooling their heels.

Sunday 7 October 2007 12:30:46 CDT (UTC-05:00)  |  | Chicago | Cubs | Weather#

Cubs just got swept. Predictable. And sad. Guess I'll just work tomorrow, or wander Lakeview aimlessly with Parker.

Plus, Danielle has to return the Game 4 tickets, so I won't even get a souvenir of the post-season.

Next year, I suppose. For the 100th time.


Saturday 6 October 2007 20:48:31 CDT (UTC-05:00)  |  | Cubs#
Wednesday 3 October 2007

Yesterday I said that the Cubs need only win one game of the NLDS to ensure they play Game 4 (to which my friend got tickets). That's not, strictly speaking, correct, and it assumed the only way the series would end in 3 games would be if the Diamondbacks swept the Cubs. My cousin pointed out the flaw in my reasoning. It's possible (however unlikely) that the Cubs could sweep the Diamondbacks, with the same result for Sunday's game.

So, to revise and amend my comments, as long as each team wins at least one game of the next three, I'll go to Game 4 on Sunday.

Wednesday 3 October 2007 07:43:15 CDT (UTC-05:00)  |  | Cubs#
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