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The last 5%

I think I've finished 95% of my packing. I've only got, you know, several hundred small items that I'll wind up throwing in boxes marked "misc" tomorrow night.

So done.


This weekend will involve packing, painting, and waiting for deliveries. Which is why blogging is a little slow right now.

Efficiency vs. Why?

In the last few hours I've packed 38 boxes full of books and other things. I've got 16 days to pack the rest, which is actually a lot. Also, my new place is just 10 minutes' walk from here.

I think we're not even a decade from people setting up house moves on the basis of labor being so inexpensive that no other labor can price it anywhere near; and yet. And yet. And yet we can't let labor manage itself. This is a longer conversation, if for no other reason than...well, than...let's come back here.

What I mean is, if labor ever gets so cheap, there's a problem. And I'll address this soon.

Meanwhile, I'll continue filling bankers' boxes with books. and looking forward to the move.

Blaming the victim isn't new

It seems timely for me to dredge up this PSA I did for Hofstra Television in October 1991:

On later viewing, though, it seems to me like we still had trouble seeing that date rape was exponentially more common than random street rape. That said, I was pretty proud that HTV broadcast the video, from a script that we used in crisis hotline training.

Cast: Heather Maidat (Hofstra '94). Director: Sean Pearson (Hofstra '92).

Personal note

Phew! I own property again, as of 11:42 CDT today. I'm glad meet the requirements for voting as established in most of the States back in 1789.

(Fortunately, we've updated the requirement, and the Republican Party haven't succeeded in rolling back the new rules.)

Personal update

For the first time since April 2000, none of my property is real.

(That's a little lawyer humor.)

The last transaction of the month will be Friday, when I close on Inner Drive Technology World Headquarters 5.0. Meanwhile, I own nothing, and I owe nothing. It's an odd feeling.


I'm just starting the process of moving, today, by signing a ton of papers in an office somewhere in Chicago. I get to do this two more times before the end of September. But mid-October, Inner Drive Technology World Headquarters will have a new home.

Parker has no idea how disrupted his life is about to become.