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Photo of the Day

The women's leaders, Ethiopian Ejegayehu Dibaba, 29, and Russian Liliya Shobukhova, 33, run past the 9 km point during today's Chicago Marathon:

7:58 am CDT today, ISO-400, f/5 at 1/400, 55mm, here.

At this writing Shobukhova is in the lead on a 5:17 pace with Dibaba 56 seconds behind her at the 30 km timing pad.

And she has followers:

Jean-Paul Gaultier at MBAM

Owing to the unceasing rain over the weekend, we visited a couple of museums while in Montréal, including the Musée des Beaux Arts:

My friend particularly wanted to see the exhibit on Jean-Paul Gaultier, the clothing designer whose work I only knew from The Fifth Element. I confess, I did not understand much of the work. This, for example, completely eluded me, though it looks kind of cool:

(That one comes with webbed pumps.)

That's the point of a museum, though: to get exposure to things you wouldn't normally encounter. Still, next time I visit Montréal, I hope to see the sun at least once.

Inspired by a friend (and needs an edit)

I just posted this on as a comment to an unfortunate friend's Facebook status. Forgive me; I'm at O'Hare, and kind of punchy:

I left my keys in Boston,
My phone at SFO,
My shoes and belt, I lost 'em too,
But where I just don't know.

I think I saw my keychain last
In Logan's Terminal B.
I only hope the TSA
Will get them back to me.

I'd call them now, those helpful guys
Who kept me from my gate,
But like I said, my phone's long gone,
And now's no time to wait.

At least I know my keys are safe
At Logan's Terminal B.
My belt, my shoes--it starts to chafe
But ain't the skies so free?

(I think the last quatrain needs a little work.)

Drive much?

I stopped at Jiffy Lube today because I had a nagging sense that I hadn't gotten an oil change in a while. When I got the bill, I realized why. I really don't drive a lot.

Right on the Jiffy Lube receipt is shows that since my last oil change on November 23rd, I've driven 2,165 km. A quick glance through Quicken says I've filled up six times since then, most recently two weeks ago. That all means I drive about 7 km per day, on average. Wow. And most of the time I didn't have trouble like this.

On the other hand, in the past 12 months I've flown 95,000 km and (yay Quicken!) spent $750 on public transportation and more than that on cabs.

But really, I thought I drove more than that. I'm glad I got the oil change...