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Tuesday 8 May 2012

A mailing list I participate in has attracted a troll, which is a person who, deliberately or not, annoys everyone around him with ill-tempered, rude, and stupid questions. Our list's troll has managed to get himself suspended from Wikipedia about 10 times (he's still suspended), mostly for "incivil tone" and for missing the purpose of Wikipedia.

This kind of user has haunted every online community since The WELL and CompuServe—yea, even unto the days of the of dial-up BBS. This guy is simply the first troll we've seen on this particular list, though.

Tuesday 8 May 2012 17:02:02 CDT (UTC-05:00)  | Comments [1] | Business#
Tuesday 8 May 2012 18:59:35 CDT (UTC-05:00)
Makes me glad I'm subscribed to that list with gmail - it's easy to set up a filter that dumps all the messages with his name in them :)
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