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Today's Daily Parker

Another one from Ninth Street, Durham:

This was, of course, from Wednesday, not today. Wednesday it was warm; this morning it was below freezing. Apparently it does get cold in Durham, though "cold" here isn't "cold" back home.

Jamie mentioned several times that the weather in Durham is much preferable to the weather in Chicago, because apparently she has forgotten last August. I guess it depends whether you prefer warm or cold weather.

Tomorrow we're heading back to Chicago. Straight through. Twelve hours. Whee.

Today's Daily Parker

For a while yesterday I moved Parker's crate near the quasi-veranda, so he could get light and air while I went shopping for Thanksgiving fixins:

It's warm in Durham again: 22°C already. I can definitely deal with the weather in North Carolina this time of year. (Not so much in July, though.) We took advantage of it after my shopping trip and went on a 3.8 km walk around the neighborhood in the fading afternoon light:

Today's Daily Parker

The amazing thing about this isn't that he's a handsome, happy dog, enjoying a beautiful autumn afternoon; it's that he's ignoring the squirrel directly behind him:

All that training paid off, I guess.

Today's Daily Parker

My friend Sean visited over the weekend and brought with him a stuffed toy his wife made for Parker. The results were predictable, though Parker dispatched this one much faster than the vet toy he got for his birthday:

Half an hour later:

The next morning:

Thank you anyway, Val. Parker said the toy was delicious. (Just don't ask me about his walk that evening.)