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Today's Daily Parker

Field trip to Noethling Park (a.k.a. Wiggly Field) today, with a ball and a Chuck-It:

Everyone had a blast until Sadie, a beagle, got tired of waiting for Parker to give her his ball. After some snarling and snapping, both humans decided the dogs were done with the park for the day. Here's Parker saying "nyah nyah" to both Sadie and me:

Brain thaw (or, More gratuitous puppy video)

After two hours of classes this morning, both of which reminded me I need to study more, what better way to recover than with another Parker puppy video?

The bed, by the way, lasted about four days. He shredded the thing like a Cuisinart.

Today's Daily Parker

Parker and I had a great two-hour walk this afternoon, punctuated by essays on Botswana and economic institutions (Duke reading). We stopped to admire the view at North Avenue, though I think Parker was more interested in the speedboat than the skyline:

Here's the rest of the view:

Happy birthday, Parker

The fuzzy dude is 3 years old today. Obligatory baby picture:

Parker at 8 weeks

That's his Petfinder mugshot from when he was about 8 weeks old. Here he is today:

Parker at 3 years

For his birthday he got extra soft food with breakfast, two Newman's dog treats, and some fresh ground parmesan on his lunchtime kibble. And an extra belly-rub.

Missed my own anniversary!

Last Thursday, The Daily Parker turned three.

Actually, yesterday, the dog turned 2 years, 5 months; but the blog is three years old.

And in honor of this august day in November, I hit "Post" three times before correcting all the typos.