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Today's Daily Parker

My poor couch. I have no idea why Parker wants to kill the Ikea couch I've had for almost ten years, but he does. He has now started working on the main cushions, having tired of the armrests and the pillows. Only, he has to work a bit to get there:

On a related note, does anyone need a slightly-worn blue denim couch? Near mint condition!

Bit of trivia: Yesterday's Daily Parker was my 500th blog post of the year.

Today's Daily Parker

Parker stayed home today, which is why today's Daily Parker includes perhaps more personal information than I generally share. I have a spare laptop, so I was able to set up the ParkerCam in our bedroom today. So here he is, in his Safe Place, proving that he's cuter than all get-up even when he doesn't know anyone is watching:

This shot is from earlier today. I didn't use a more recent shot because the little darling found a pair of my boxers, and that is simply too personal for this blog.

Finally, for you weather junkies, here's the current temperature map, which you can compare with one from this morning:

The cold front has arrived a little earlier than expected. I'm running around Chicago between meetings, and the temperature has dropped from 14°C (58°F) to 9°C (49°F) in the past hour. I should point out that I left my coat at home this morning, too. Brr.

Spot the cold front

The temperature is holding at 14°C (58°F) right now, but I have a feeling it's about to cool off considerably:

For comparison, it's 8°C (47°F) in Rockford, which is about 100 km (60 mi) from here; 5°C (41°F) in the Quad Cities (250 km, 150 mi); and already -2°C (29°F) in Des Moines, 450 km (300 mi) away.

The temperature change could be staggering. Kansas City has seen a 22°C (40°F) drop in the past 24 hours, from 20°C (68°F) to -2°C (29°F):



The latest from the best president we have:

"There is one thing I'm not going to do. I am not going to pull our troops off the battlefield before the mission is complete," Bush said in a keynote speech at the University of Latvia just before a summit of the NATO defence alliance.

(Emphasis mine.) What about this, though? It's all so confusing.

(Via Talking Points Memo.)

Today's Daily Parker

As promised, I brought both the dog and a camera to the Dawes Park dog beach this afternoon. (I forgot bags though. Oops.) It's a freaky-warm 16°C (61°F) today, so while Parker and I both found it a little too chilly for a dip, we both had fun with the other dogs (including his friend Louie from his morning play group). Here he is conteplating the vastness of Lake Michigan:

A little later, after some heavy wrestling with an American bulldog-boxer mix named Quincy, Parker seemed pretty happy (and oblivious to the sandy slobber all over his body):

Now he's back at Inner Drive World Headquarters dreaming about squirrels and liver treats.

I hate forgetting my camera

Parker, ever the office puppy, got his first experience on a beach this afternoon when we walked over to the Dawes Park dog beach. He met a whole bunch of new dogs, had a great time, and has now deposited his sand-covered butt on my office carpet.

It's 13°C (55°F) right now, and it may be this warm again tomorrow. If so, I'll bring Parker—and a camera—back to the dog beach.

Now I must brush my jeans off.

How difficult is an "off" button?

A member of the Windows Vista team explains (via Joel Spolsky):

I worked on the "Windows Mobile PC User Experience" team. This team was part of Longhorn from a feature standpoint but was organizationally part of the Tablet PC group. To find a common manager to other people I needed to work with required walking 6 or 7 steps up the org chart from me.

So after 12 years, you still have to go to the Start menu to stop the computer.

Today's Daily Parker

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am very thankful that this wonderful puppy has come to live with us. Since I'm an atheist, I'm not sure what or whom there is to thank for it, so I'll just thank Parker himself for being the wonderful puppy he is.

We're at Inner Drive Technology World Headquarters this morning so I can get some stuff done. At this writing he's being a sleepy little angel. Or, not so little, as you can see from this photo I took today at the dog park:

Another view, which makes it clearer that Parker is now more than twice the size of Jackson:

For comparison, here they are seven weeks ago:

That photo was from October 2nd, when Parker weighed about 10 kg (22 lbs). As of Tuesday he weighed 15.6 kg (34.5 lbs). This 900 g (2 lb) per week gain shows only one sign of slowing: now Parker will occasionally walk away from his dinner if he thinks we're doing something interesting. (He goes back to it pretty quickly though.)

OK, I need to get to work. But the ParkerCam is up until 1 pm CT (19:00 UTC) this afternoon, so tune in and watch the dog sleep. (Too bad there's no audio, because he groans and sighs when he's happy.)